The Structure & Process

  • Central London Capital is the exclusive authorised manager of the Buy2Lease product.

  • 伦敦中部投资介绍Buy2Lease产品推向市场,并,,en,代表Innoauto运输协会支付,,en,月租费和出口付款后然后触发所有权从业主转移到,,en,被提名人,,en contemporaneously processes the agreement and accepts the payment on behalf of the Innoauto Transport Association.

  • Central London Capital makes individual payments directly to the manufacturer and the logistics, customs & clearance through ACE Global Depository in addition to the pre-delivery servicing, road tax, insurance and permits required to be ready for on-road delivery.

  • The Buy2Lease Agreement between the Client and Innoauto Transport Association includes the responsibilities of all parties including that of Central London Capital.

  • The Buy2Lease Agreement holds Innoauto Transport Association responsible for the 48 monthly lease payments and the exit payment upon which then triggers the transfer of ownership from the Owner to Innoauto Transport Association and/or nominee.

  • Upon execution of the Buy2Lease Agreement Innoauto Transport Association subsequently enters into a four year Lease2Buy Agreement with the Licensee Driver where monthly payments in the local currency are deducted from their InnoTaxi, InnoCourier & InnoEat Licensee Driver’s operating account.

  • Innoauto Transport Association subsequently pays the Beneficiary the agreed lease payment every month and pays the exit payment as detailed in the Buy2Lease Agreement.

Kindly read the links below for more information and how to proceed:

Buy2Lease: How it Works
Buy2Lease: 结构与过程,,en,步骤如何进行,,en,因此你获得份额在InnoPickup或InnoHaul卡车底下5年服务租赁合同金额,,en,要打开TransferWise的帐户,并支付给伦敦市中心资本账户作为协议的详细介绍,,en,要通过传统的银行TT电汇或其他汇款服务,如协议,并保证全额详细介绍了伦敦市中心资本的银行帐户汇款接收,,en,中央伦敦资本是Innohabitat集团的一部分,这是一个完全基于企业社会责任组织,,en
FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
Buy2Lease: Steps How to Proceed
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关于: Innoauto Transport Association
关于: InnoTaxi / InnoCourier / InnoEat

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