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Central London Capital has a unique range of solutions and an innovative strategy of operations within Central London, the UK and International markets. We are not involved in conventional investments. We specialise in unique high yield transactional profit margins with 100%+ collateralised security.

· Central London Capital boasts exclusive access to enable the acquisition of high quality new build property within prime residential estates in Ghana and Nigeria at a massive 33.33% discount. The structure of Equity2Own also facilitates super low interest rates through dead equity in their existing home.

· Central London Capital provides an alternative to conventional remittance. Buy2Lease is an exclusive solution for long term remittance senders to receive an unprecedented strategic advantage that provides a 48% прибыли вместо несения дорогостоящих затрат на передачу.

· Buy2Freight is an innovative solution that utilises RNB to acquire commodities where insured ownership is retained and payment for goods are made in the currency of preference upon sight at Port of Arrival.

· Buy2Freight Visa is an exclusive UK Tier 1 (investment) иммиграционное решение для китайского народа. Причем головная боль экспедиционной оплаты облегчается за счет участия в Buy2Freight и взаимодействие с нашим иммиграционным специалистом партнером. Решение распространяется включать совместное предприятие в SPV девелоперской компании удовлетворять критерии инвестиций.

We are actively expanding our Partner network with Financial Advisors, Immigration Agents, Tour Operators and Estate Agents in China и построение сети африканской диаспоры через африканские диаспоры церквей и африканскую бизнес-сети в USA, UK & EU.

Benefits of our unique Structure:

· You are not restricted to maintain a roster in an office, but rather free to cultivate business online in the global market.

· Your inquiry is not directed to an office receptionist unless required, but rather to your mobile phone directly via a London number VOIP App.

· You can operate from any Capital City worldwide.

· You are provided with the latest technology cloud based CRM system with direct access to all property related details.

· You have a broad scope of unique solutions with no competition.

· You have a peer base of professional industry experts for support.

· You have a powerful business name and corporate image to support your personal image and professional efforts.

· You enjoy the highest sales commission in the industry providing motivation to earn rather than to warm seats.

· There is no capital investment required to get started.


The right candidate will have inner drive and determination and possess energetic and engaging interpersonal skills. Qualified Applicants will be expected to:

· Have strong communication skills.

· Possess good Social Media skills.

· Possess good computer knowledge to operate or learn to use CRM.

· Ability to follow up on leads and develop relationship with customers.

· Possess high integrity, determination and persistence in work ethic.

· Resolve customer issues when and if required.

· Create a database of qualified leads of prospects for our services.

· Create a database of target market to build network of Agents.

· To show initiative in assisting and collaborating with Peers.


If the above is of interest and you would like to be part of our dynamic organisation, заработать выгодные продажи комиссия, and work with a prestige brand, kindly email your CV with covering letter mentioning your favourite product and how you would market it and a corporate headshot photo to clrecareer@gmail.com