Innoauto Transport Association

The Innoauto Transport Association (ITA) fosters entrepreneurial development by facilitating funding options to enable owner drivers to operate under the brand, management and corporate image of Innotaxi and InnoCourier in Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa. ITA also employs professional drivers for corporate vehicles and haulage trucks on fixed long term serviced lease contracts.

InnoTaxi is a unique affordable metered taxi service for individual passengers for short to medium range journeys in rural towns.

InnoCourier which provides prompt and reliable delivery of official documents and small parcels with a focus on the corporate and retail industries and last mile deliveries for multinational courier companies in addition to stock delivery to street hawkers.

InnoEat is catering to one of the world’s fastest growing phenomena’s of express food delivery.

Bookings for these three dynamic income streams streams are made through the Mobile App which also incorporates Collect Depot.

Collect Depot supports the InnoCourier infrastructure by providing client with a safe and secure way to collect online and offline deliveries and to make returns.

Branch Depots incorporate an administration office, workshop and spare parts facility with WC and shower. Specialist skilled mechanics service and maintain a fleet of fifty robust vehicles specifically engineered for rough dirt road conditions. The Branch Depot also incorporates a Collect Depot and a Rural Development Bank branch with cash recycling technology ATM.

ITA provides funding mechanisms to support entrepreneurial individuals to achieve prosperity within an environment of excellence which focuses on skills training and providing a superior customer service experience.

ITA has developed a model to empowering single mothers, comprising of a team of three women per vehicle where one drives, one child minds and one has free time for chores.

ITA provides continuous development of public transport infrastructure which stimulates the local economy and employment opportunity in rural communities. Participants in the Buy2Lease Remittance System acquire the vehicles to act as collateralized security which is then sold on a 48 month Lease2Buy model to the drivers. The result being an attractive return on remittance which provides a monthly residual income stream to the beneficiaries of the remittance.

Furthermore, ITA fosters entrepreneurial development by facilitating highly innovative advertising loan at 0% interest for up to four year to enable owner drivers to operate under the brand, infrastructure, management and corporate image of Innotaxi, InnoCourier & InnoEat. ITA has also secured backing from a fund to provide a guarantee to act as guarantor for the local bank to assist the driver to obtain a 50% loan.

Innotaxi, InnoCourier & InnoEat are brands of ITA which is a division of Innoauto, recognised for a unique range of robust public transportation vehicles that are specially designed for reliability and rough dirt road conditions. Innoauto is a subsidiary of Innohabitat Ltd. (UK).



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