How Buy2Lease Works

Central London Capital provides a high profit margin remittance alternative.

There are three Buy2Lease options, Namely $2,400, $4,800 and $7,200.

Typically to send $4,800 over 48 months the bank’s TT fees are say $25 x 48 which would cost $1,200, leaving the beneficiary to receive the equivalent net of just $3,600.

Whereas to remit $4,800 to local currency through our unique Buy2Lease Remittance Alternative System, the beneficiary receives the equivalent net of $7,100 over the same 48 month period. Yes, almost double the amount is received

The summary of the three options available over 48 months are as follows:
$2,400 minus $1,200 TT Fees = $1,200 received.   Whereas with Buy2Lease $3,552 is received.
$4,800 minus $1,200 TT Fees = $3,600 received.   Whereas with Buy2Lease $7,104 is received.
$7,200 minus $1,200 TT Fees = $6,000 received.   Whereas with Buy2Lease $10,656 is received.

So how is this unprecedented advantage achieved?  

Central London Capital has partnered in a working collaboration with Innoauto Transport Association in Ghana to realise this initiative. It works by providing the delivery vehicle on a Lease2Buy agreement in order to empower single mothers to achieve prosperity and to develop the logistics and public transport infrastructure in rural communities. The team of four Licensees/Buyer can now earn a living as a InnoTaxi, InnoCourier & InnoEat owner operator. Funds are reserved from daily takings in their Operating Account and the monthly lease payments are deducted and subsequently used to make the payments to the beneficiary receiving the monthly lease payments.

As such, a new purpose built off-road delivery vehicle is purchased via Buy2Lease and then leased on a 48 month Lease2But contract to facilitate the long term regular monthly lease payments in the local currency with a guaranteed exit after 48 months. The unprecedented solution is currently available in Ghana and is scheduled to expand into Nigeria and Gambia.

The value of the of the Vehicle and the share of the Branch Depot lease (including Administration equipment, spare parts storage facility and Workshop equipment etc) is secured to provide significant 137.5% collateralised security.

When Innoauto Transport Association makes their last monthly payment and exit payment the title deed of the Vehicle is transferred from the Owner to the new Licensee Owner Operator, thus completing the transaction by all parties.

In addition to the vehicle ownership option, there is also the Lease Contract option that has a syndicated ownership amounts in trenches of $1,000. The beneficiary receiver will receive 60 monthly payments of $20.00 being a total of $1,000.00 followed by an exit payment of $600 on the 60th month. Being a total of $1,600. Representing an unprecedented 60% gain over 60 months. The remittance is paid in the local currency and the exchange rate is fixed for the entire 60 month period.  You may choose multiple trenches of $1,000. The mining vehicles and trucks are providing around 133% collateralised security. We have basically unlimited capacity in Ghana and can accommodate funds and commercial participation in trenches of $100,000 up to $10,000,000.


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