Gold Collateral for Bonds

We manage licensed gold mines located along the Great Dyke in Zimbabwe with vast gold reserves worth many billions of dollars.  We specialise in secured green bonds using our asset as real collateral.

Central London Capital is a division of the Innohabitat group, an International Property Developer that has commenced the world’s first chain of branded affordable sustainable townships with dry port free trade zone industrial park and incorporating a solar farm power plant.

Managed through the African Belt And Road initiative, the holistic solution also incorporates extensive affordable logistics and public transport infrastructure.

We can provide a First Right Of Use to assist parties such a Private Equity Funds and International Property Developers who are interested in participating in our pipeline of sustainable residential, industrial and logistics projects to use our assets as collateral in a Bond Issue or Fund as security to raise capital.

We can also consider supporting other sustainable projects however our aim is to be an African Mine, providing African Gold, as security for African Bond Issues for African Projects.

Our unique structure is to incorporate co-funding in the Bond Issue to operate an environmentally safe and sustainable small scale mine so that gold bullion bars can be allocated as the security making the collateral exponentially more secure as time passes.

The gold is mined in an environmentally safe and sustainable way and we incorporate rehabilitation through share crop farming as a poverty elevation program.

Projects for Bonds will typically range from $50 to $250 million or more.  The international market for green bonds has grown to $45 Trillion dollars per annum.

Our projects are designed to provide extremely high impact for local communities, such as:

  • Affordable sustainable housing

  • Industrial parks for job creation

  • Renewable Energy production

  • Biofuels & Bioenergy

  • Smart Grid Energy Infrastructure

  • Alternative Energy Transportation

  • Logistics infrastructure

  • Affordable Public Transport infrastructure

  • Waste Management, Recycling & Recovery

  • Water Management

  • Food Processing

  • Sustainable Forests Management

  • Sustainable Agriculture Management

  • Remediation & Soil Treatment

  • Education and Student Accommodation Facilities

We have partnered with a Canadian Gold Mine Management Team and experts in the management of utilising collateral as security for Bond Issues and Funds.  The process includes:

  • An extremely secure way to provide above-average returns for investors.

  • Well-vetted projects/companies with excellent business plans and a high probability of success.

  • We prepare the Bond Offering Memorandum, collateralise it with our assets, and arrange the registration of the bond with the proper authorities. We are a specialty boutique solution, this enables us to provide greater individualised service to our project partners.