Frequently Asked Questions


  • Who owns the vehicle – the asset?

  • The vehicle is 100% owned by you and all legal documentation will be in your name. You keep the title deed and the original road tax registration document. Only upon the full payment payout (principle and exit payment) at the end of the 48 month term will the ownership security be relinquished.


  • How soon will I start seeing a return?

  • After processing online agreement and receipt of funds, you start being paid on the 25th of the following month.


  • How much money will I need to participate and to own equity in a vehicle?

  • There are three options. 1/3 Share at $2,400, 2/3 Share at USD4,800 and full share at $7,200 which effectively provides a 137.5% asset backed return of 48% over 48 months.

  • There is also a Syndicated Contract Lease Option at $1,000 per share which effectively provides a 133% asset backed return of 60% over 60 months.


  • How will I be paid?

  • You will be paid by online bank transfer to your nominated bank account on the 25th of the month. All payments are made based on the the exchange rate of the day of receipt of funds.


  • How can you ensure my returns?

  • The ITA (Innoauto Transport Association) is extremely particular in regards to the pre-qualification process which includes integrity, character, attitude and proof of how their deposit was saved in order to be accepted to become a member. The ITA collects the fares on a daily basis and manages all expenses on behalf of the Driver via a Working Capital account from which your payments are made on schedule. Furthermore the ITA underwrites all payments providing total peace of mind.


  • Who is responsible for servicing and repairs of the vehicle and for paying the road tax and insurance?

  • The vehicle is delivered with road tax so that the vehicle can be registered in your name. The full comprehensive insurance cover is simultaneously paid by the Innoauto Transport Association under a corporate rate so the vehicle is covered from the bonded warehouse to point of delivery. The Driver is responsible to paying the road tax, insurance and all servicing and repairs. The associated costs are deducted from the Drivers working capital float that is managed by the ITA.


  • How are the vehicles serviced and repaired?

  • Each Driver and vehicle is associated with a designated branch depot that incorporates a specialised workshop complete with spare parts. There is typically 48 vehicles per Branch Depot. A specialist mechanic is employed by the ITA branch to service and repair the fleet of vehicles. This ensures priority attention by highly specialised tradesman mechanics at an affordable cost to ensure little to no down time. The fleet of vehicle are also washed every night.


  • What happens if the person leasing my car stops making payments?

  • The Driver can not stop making the payments as the payments are deducted from the Drivers Working Capital float account that is managed by the ITA and paid to you by the ITA. The takings from the taxi/courier/food deliveries are deposited on a daily basis and should this not occur the Driver is in default and the vehicle is recovered and issued to the multitudes of pre-qualified Drivers eagerly awaiting the chance to secure the opportunity. The ITA underwrites the payments and as such is 100% committed and legally bound to honour every payment due to you irrespective of end user default. There is zero likelihood of a default as this is a once in a life time opportunity that is protected at all costs. The national default rate for micro-finance to women is less than 1%.


  • What assurances can you give me about the quality of the end user?

  • The ITA has to work with the Driver day in day out and therefore is extremely particular in regards to the quality of integrity, character and attitude of the member. The Management have been involved in Licensing since 1996 and is extremely knowledgable, experienced and cautious about who is allowed to participate. The Driver undergoes specialised driver training course designed and delivered by highly qualified trainers from the Ministry of Transport. The ITA is steadfastly focused on being the premier taxi and express courier and food delivery service in the country and being recognised for fostering entrepreneur development delivering unprecedented levels of customer satisfaction and value, therefore the quality of the Drive is paramount.


  • Is USD2,400, USD4,800 or USD7,200 my only outlay to fund my vehicle or are there any hidden costs?

  • There are NO additional or hidden fees, costs or charges whatsoever.


  • If I do not have enough money to invest the USD2,400, USD4,800 or USD7,200 requirement but I want to participate are there any other options?

  • YES. You can form a syndicate with other friends, family, group or congregation. Alternatively you might participate in one of our crowdfunding platform options, kindly see the website for more details.


  • How is it that I can I make money on a depreciating asset?

  • All around the world approximately 7 out of 10 new vehicles are purchased on a finance package. Finance institutions and banks get involved in this market to finance millions of vehicles every year as it provides a secured asset backed return. You now have the same opportunity to fund a vehicle and to secure these very lucrative high rates of return.


  • Will I receive any parking fines etc through the post as I own the car?

  • All administration of your asset is managed by the ITA on behalf of the Driver to ensure that there are no interruptions to the taxi, courier and food delivery business. You will never have to deal with any aspect of administration including and not limited to fines, road tax, tolls, permits and licences etc.


  • What happens if the Driver cancels his insurance and then has an accident?

  • The Driver can not cancel the insurance as the insurance is not in the name of the Driver, it is a corporate policy owned and managed by the ITA. All Drivers contribute to the payment of each vehicle of which is at a discounted corporate rate. The insurance is further discounted due to the GPS tracking and intelligent management system incorporating a remote immobilisation system which dramatically reduces risk.


  • What happens if my vehicle blows an engine for example and the Driver can not afford to replace the engine?

  • The ITA manages a fleet of identical vehicles and has a branch network of spare parts and repair facilities. The ITA management system incorporates a debt facility that allows the repairs to take place and for the Driver to pay off the debt over a managed period of time.


  • Who is responsible for any damage to my vehicle?

  • The responsibility for damage to your investment vehicle, is firmly with the Driver and you are not financially responsible for any damage. In the same way a bank or finance company is not held responsible for damage for vehicles driven by the purchaser.


  • What happens if the Driver’s circumstances change and they can no longer afford their payments?

  • As with all vehicle lease agreements, the car will be repossessed from that customer and be allocated to another member. Your payments due are not affected should this happen. It should be noted that what is referred to as the Driver is actually a team of four mothers collaborating together and supporting each other.


  • How can I proceed to take advantage of this opportunity?

  • The follow the Steps How to Proceed or to email us to request a call back.

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