To best understand the Equity2Own model one needs to consider the following two points:

  1. An asset is something that is growing itself, like money which is in the bank earning interest or such as any investment scheme is an asset. However money in the pocket is not an asset, 它更像是一种责任,因为它会花,它的价值贬值, 反对创造财富. Likewise equity in a home is also dead, not actively generating money.

  2. A house where we are living is considered as an asset but in reality it is not because it is not making money for them. 它是一种责任,因为他们生活在它和它的成本钱,而不是产生的收入Buy2Let属性.

如果上述几点达成一致,则Equity2Own模型可能是有益的,以你作为一个创造财富战略, 而同时为他人创造繁荣和加纳促进基础设施发展, 尼日利亚和超越,,en,该模型表明要考虑不良资产坐在那里就像他们的现金存放它时,到一家银行产生利息或收入。为了再考虑做就像银行做什么,,en,Equity2Own具体结构通过获得产生实际资产的收入是提供一种战略优势作为汇款替代如Buy2Lease用于固定,,en,个月的期限产生,,en,投资回报率。其他短期选择包括Buy2Freight它允许,,en,作为替代汇款,,en.

The Equity2Own model is applicable to people who have a real asset either owned or with substantial equity such as their home that is not income producing. 该模型建议考虑坐在那里的不良股权,就像他们的现金一样,将其存入银行以产生利息或收入. To then consider to do just like what the bank does, to use Other People’s Money to lend out and make money. In this case to use the bank’s money to buy an asset that is generating a lucrative income stream.

Equity2Own具体结构通过获得产生实际资产的收入是提供一种战略优势作为一种替代传统的汇款公司如Buy2Lease用于固定 48 month term producing a 48% 投资回报率利润. Other short term options include Buy2Freight which allows 120 day exits or rollover option.

Equity2Own超越当地货币与不收费建立每月定期支付, 它提供了从死股权令人印象深刻的投资回报率的利润, 它走得更远在提供了空前的财富创造策略.

Equity2Own in conjunction with Buy2Lease can produce regular monthly payments to purchase a Buy2Let property in Ghana or Nigeria as the 48% 投资回报率的利润有效地实现了 1/3 discount off the property plus achieving and income producing property in addition to the capital gain. Imagine that, all from dead equity that is sitting there doing nothing.

我们与客户共同设计的解决方案,以满足他们的具体目标,,en,我们专注于散居从加纳和尼日利亚谁是位于美国,,en,英国和欧盟,,en,我们与著名的房地产开发商合作,使付款时间表内可用的属性,让我们的客户能够利用这个前所未有的财富创造模式的优势,,en. We specialise in the Diaspora from Ghana and Nigeria who are located in the USA, UK and EU.




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