To best understand the Equity2Own model one needs to consider the following two points:

  1. An asset is something that is growing itself, like money which is in the bank earning interest or such as any investment scheme is an asset. However money in the pocket is not an asset, it is more like a liability as it will be spent and it depreciates in value working against wealth creation.  Likewise equity in a home is also dead, not actively generating money.

  2. A house where we are living is considered as an asset but in reality it is not because it is not making money for them. It is a liability because they are living in it an it costs money as opposed to a Buy2Let that generates an income.

If you agree with the above points then the Equity2Own model may be of benefit to you in wealth creation whilst simultaneously creating prosperity for others and contributing to infrastructure development in Ghana, Nigeria and beyond.

The Equity2Own model is applicable to people who have a real asset either owned or with substantial equity such as their home that is not income producing. The model suggests to consider the nonperforming equity sitting there just like their cash when depositing it into a bank to generate interest or income.  To then consider to do just like what the bank does, to use Other People’s Money to lend out and make money. In this case to use the bank’s money to buy an asset that is generating a lucrative income stream.

Equity2Own is specifically structured to provide a strategic advantage as a remittance alternative by acquiring an income producing real asset such as Buy2Lease for fixed 48 month term producing a 48% ROI.  Other short term options include Buy2Freight which allows 120 day exits or rollover option.

As a remittance alternative, Equity2Own goes beyond creating regular monthly payments and an impressive ROI from dead equity, it goes further in a wealth creation strategy.

Equity2Own in conjunction with Buy2Lease can produce regular monthly payments to purchase a Buy2Let property in Ghana or Nigeria as the 48% ROI effectively achieves a 1/3 discount off the property plus achieving and income producing property in addition to the capital gain.  Imagine that, all from dead equity that is sitting there doing nothing.

We work with our clients to design a solution to suit their specific objectives. We specialise in the Diaspora from Ghana and Nigeria who are located in the USA, UK and EU.

We work with prominent property developers to make property available within the payment schedule to allow our clients to take advantage of this unprecedented wealth creation model.