Debt Vs Equity


Unlike equity crowdfunding, 其中,投资者特定业务借给或成为股东,其中的风险是很高的, our investors invest in providing loans which are secured against affordable property in Central London.

Debt is the safest type of property investment. It’s senior to the borrower’s equity which acts like a cushion to protect your investment.

All Central London Capital loans are secured against a property, providing investors with a fixed net return of 5% pa* paid monthly.

* Whilst your investment is secured against property, we are obliged to state that your capital is at risk.



虽然我们专注于提供先充电过伦敦市中心的高需求实惠的房地产支持的高收益投资的投资回报率, 我们还可以促进黄金场外市场和计划外的投资物业的解决方案.

购买投资物业作出租用途之前,它总是一个好主意来计算它是否将是正现金流或现金流量负. 那是, 将财产产生的收入 (正面的) 还是会需要每月现金注入 (负)?

属性应考虑许多采购和年度持有成本支出购买出租物业时,. 请记住,这些项目会有所不同,他们不考虑个人所得税的影响.


Purchase price – the agreed price for which the property will exchange hands.

Renovation Costs – money budgeted for renovations prior to the property been made available for rental.

Agents Fees – It is reasonably common practice in London for the buyer to pay some or all of the real estate agent’s selling fees/commission. 然而, 在大多数情况下,这些费用由供应商支付, 这主要依赖于采购剂和属性的类型和位置.

Stamp duty – a duty placed on the purchase of a property charged by the local government for the registration of the property into the new owner’s name.

私人的, Company or Trust ownership – It may be more prudent to acquire the property in a dedicated SPV Company or Trust to minimise stamp duty.

Mortgage Application Fees – charged by lenders upon application to secure a loan to buy the property.

Travel Expenses – flights, 汽车租赁, 和旅行亲自视察物业时发生的旅馆费用.

Solicitors Fees – payable to the solicitor for all of the relevant legal work for the transfer of the property.

Research – books, local suburban reports purchased property portal subscriptions to research a suburb.

Accountants Fees – the property may be purchased in the name of a Trust or Company. 此外,还可以在这里交叉与律师费.

Council Rates Cutover – A vendor may have paid rates up to a time after the transfer of the property. 量则买方和供应商之间的拆分比例计算上.

独立评估 / Engineers Survey Report – a vendor may choose to pay for their own independent valuation or engineers survey report to highlight areas of concern.

Miscellaneous – this will include postage, 电话等. 这也是值得包括一项应急应上述的一些费用比预期的更.


Mortgage Repayment – payable to the mortgage lender to repay the loan used to purchase the property.

Property Management Fees – if a professional property manager is appointed they will either charge a percentage of rent or a monthly flat fee.

Council/Municipal Rates – charged for collection of waste and upkeep of local services. 有时,这些是由租户支付.

Maintenance – costs for repairs and maintenance on the property and it’s fixtures and fittings.

Bank Fees – account keeping fees charged by the bank.

Landlord Insurance – protection against theft, 损伤, 非支付租金, 法律费用.

Letting Fees – some property managers may charge a letting fee for finding new tenants.

Pest Control – protection against pests and termites.

Cleaning – the property may require a thorough professional clean in preparation for new tenants.

Travel Expenses – incurred when visiting the property at times such as showing it to potential tenants or collecting rent.

Local Income Tax – may be charged by some local governments for the rental profits after any allowable deductions.

Land Tax – an annual tax on the value of the land on which the rental property is built.

Accountants Fees – payable for the administration of legal structures if a property is owned by a Trusts or Company.

Miscellaneous – again, 这将包括一项应急应上述的一些费用比预期的更.


在闭幕, 它是你必须寻求专业的法律建议你做任何投资之前,. Property investment is viewed by many as a very good investment and investment property in London is seen as a prime real estate investment.

Central London Capital has the expertise to provide a fully managed arm-chair investment property solution, to source, manage and grow an investment property portfolio that might include residential through to hotels and redevelopment projects.