Buy2Freight is a model designed to bridge the trade finance barrier that inhibits the development of public transport and logistics infrastructure.

该模型是基于车主在购买新车和二手商用车, 公交大巴, 运输卡车和推土设备被然后运至到达港收到的货款预先确定的利润. Buy2Freight is an ideal short term enterprise as it provides 120 day exits or rollovers.

Equity2Own: 帮助英国业主, 欧盟和美国利用死股权在本国筹集资金,以使他们能够参与Buy2Lease和/或Buy2Freight合同.

Buy2Freight签证是英国的独家一级 1 (investment) 中国人移民解决方案. 借此加快支付的头痛是由参与Buy2Freight,并与我们的移民专业合作伙伴参与促进. 该解决方案扩展到包括在SPV物业发展公司的合资企业,以满足投资标准.

The Owner is provided with 100 to 150% collateralise security as the vehicles are imported in the Owner’s name and significantly rise in value upon arrival. 对于大型车队更换订单, sometimes a SBLC secured payment can be provided in advance. 该备用信用证是在主人的名字并且是见票即付当车辆在目的港抵达所以零风险. This could not be considered as an investment because investments incorporate varying degrees of risk, whereas this a secured transaction as there is zero risk. The vehicles are insured in transit and you simply call on the payment when the vehicles arrive at the port.


NYK-滚装 滚装航运 NYK-勒勒舰


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