Buy2Freight is a model designed to bridge the trade finance barrier that inhibits the development of public transport and logistics infrastructure.

The model is based on Owners purchasing new and used commercial vehicles, public transport buses, haulage trucks and earth moving equipment that is then shipped to the Port of Arrival to receive payment with a pre-determined profit. Buy2Freight is an ideal short term enterprise as it provides 120 day exits or rollovers.

Equity2Own: Assists home owners in the UK, EU and USA to utilise dead equity in their home raise capital to enable them to participate in Buy2Lease and/or Buy2Freight contracts. 

Buy2Freight Visa is an exclusive UK Tier 1 (investment) immigration solution for Chinese people. Whereby the headache of expediting payment is facilitated by participating in Buy2Freight and engaging with our immigration specialist partner. The solution extends to include joint venture in SPV property development company to satisfy the investment criteria.

The Owner is provided with 100 to 150% collateralise security as the vehicles are imported in the Owner’s name and significantly rise in value upon arrival. For large fleet replacement orders, sometimes a SBLC secured payment can be provided in advance. The SBLC is in the Owner’s name and is payable on sight when the vehicles arrive at the Port of destination so there is ZERO risk. This could not be considered as an investment because investments incorporate varying degrees of risk, whereas this a secured transaction as there is zero risk. The vehicles are insured in transit and you simply call on the payment when the vehicles arrive at the port.


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