Buy2Freight is providing a unique and innovative currency export solution for Mainland Chinese.

Buy2Freight utilises RMB to allow Chinese vehicle manufacturers to ship vehicles to the port of delivery at which point the pre-issued SBLC is payable in foreign currencies.

Innoauto Transport Association is inundated with orders for hundreds of InnoCourier vehicles, 400 x InnoCoaster buses in addition to trucks for the haulage contracts for the mining industry. There is an opportunity for Chinese Nationals who require foreign currency to collaborate with us to purchase and import vehicles and earn a profit which is payable in any nominated currency.

You are provided with 100 to 150% collateralise security as the vehicles are imported in your name and significantly rise in value upon arrival. Furthermore, the SBLC secured payment is provided in advance. The SBLC is in your name and is payable on sight when the vehicles arrive at the Port of destination so there is ZERO risk. This could not be considered as an investment because investments incorporate varying degrees of risk, whereas this a secured transaction as there is zero risk. The vehicles are insured in transit and you simply call on the payment when the vehicles arrive at the port.


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