Central London Capital is a private mortgage provider and operates under a very strict and unique lending criteria.

Lending terms are as follows:

  • Mortgages are limited to 80% of the Current Market Value (CMV) as stipulated by an official RICS valuation.

  • The mortgage term is fixed for six years.

  • The property can not be owner occupied and must be tenanted with rent guarantee insurance.

  • Funds can be allocated for renovation providing the total amount does not exceed the 80% of CMV after renovated and Home Improvement Guarantee is used.

  • The property can only be from an approved portfolio of affordable properties located in London.

  • The property can not be sold within the mortgage period.

  • The property can be sold or refinanced after the mortgage period.  (Assistance will be provided)

  • The borrower can be personal or company (either UK or Off-shore) however directors must not have CJC or poor credit history.

Should these terms be acceptable, kindly make contact with us and we will endeavor to assist you to build a lucrative property portfolio.