African Diaspora Churches

Центральный Лондон Capital оказывает глубочайшей альтернативу традиционных денежных компаний на рынке во всем мире, и яt also has the additional benefit of empowering impoverished single mothers to attain a sustainable livelihood.

African Churches, NGO’s and African Business Networks can earn a lucrative income stream by merely advising their congregation or network of the Buy2Lease advantages and the Equity2Own model to raise funds.

It will not suit everyone but it will suit a large portion extremely well.

The size of the market potential is substantial to say the least, every year the Ghanaian Diaspora send $2,000,000,000 (Two Thousand Million Dollars) to family and friends and Nigerian Diaspora send $22,000,000,000 (Twenty-Two Thousand Million Dollars) every year.

A significant portion of this is syphoned off by banks and other special interests groups which significantly reduce the net amount received. (Until now) Furthermore infrastructure development is suffering due to the chronic restriction of foreign currency that is made available by the banks to TT funds abroad. This situation seems to be escalating and is likely to be a long term predicament. Buy2Lease eliminates both of these issues by importing vehicles instead of foreign currency and provides prosperity to families and much needed affordable public transport and logistic infrastructure to stimulate the economy in rural communities.

Всесторонние выгоды и последствие глубоки, и вы можете быть частью этого решения.

If you feel that you would like to participate, kindly reply by emailing to: info@


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