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Central London Capital Ltd. is founded on over two decades in senior level automotive industry and over three decades of expertise in the international property industry.  Culminating in a niche range of highly innovative financial solutions that are exclusive to Central London Capital.  Buy2Lease which is supported by Equity2Own and Buy2Freight are fulfilling an exacerbating need for public transport and logistics infrastructure development in the African community and to assist the Diaspora to acquire property. 

The divisions within the group are as follows:

Central London Real Estate Ltd is primarily involved in new-built prestige property, development sites and hotels within London.  Development sites are identified with an intent to facilitate prestige developments but also for proprietary branded affordable housing projects such as Innoliving.

Innohabitat Ltd. is an international property developer and has commenced the world’s first chain of branded affordable sustainable townships in emerging markets.  The community developments incorporate a dry port free trade zone, solar farm power plant and integrate affordable public transport infrastructure. Innohabitat has pioneered the African Belt and Road Initiative and the Trans African Railway Initiative to develop affordable housing and logistics infrastructure from West Africa to East Africa.

Innoauto has designed a niche range of robust public transportation vehicles specially engineered for reliability and rough road conditions.  These vehicles have been packaged and made available as business opportunities through Innoauto Transport Association.

Innoauto Transport Association (ITA) fosters entrepreneurial development by facilitating highly innovative funding options such as the ITA advertising loan at 0% interest to enable owner drivers to operate under the brand, infrastructure, management and corporate image of InnotaxiInnoCourier & InnoEat.

In addition, Collect Depot enhances the InnoCourier infrastructure as it receives online and offline parcels so they can be collected or delivered at a convent time before work, after work, at lunchtime or on the weekend as Collect Depot is open 7 Days a Week.  Furthermore, ITA has secured backing from a fund to provide a guarantee to act as guarantor for the local bank to assist the driver to obtain a loan. In addition, ITA has also conceived the Buy2Lease and Equity2Own Remittance Alternative Systems which were primarily designed to empower single parents into the taxi, express courier and food delivery industry and to provide skills training and sustainable long term employment through funding vehicles and heavy equipment for long term haulage contracts for the mining industry.

Collect Depot supports the InnoCourier infrastructure by providing clients with a safe and secure way to collect online and offline deliveries and to make returns.

Rural Development Bank is located within the Branch Depot and provides an ATM with cash recycling technology. The ATM supports the mobile payment platform with bill paying transaction functions that are linked to Internet banking and chip card which can be used in ATM and POS.  The Drivers carry POS equipment and market to retailers in down time as a forth income stream.

Mother Empowerment provides support centres for vulnerable mothers in rural Ghana. The Centres provide: · Mother education on Child Care and Nutrition. · Child Early Education. · Mother independence and prosperity through fostering entrepreneur development. · Express Orphanage.




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