1st Charge Visa

Central London Capital has created the 1st Charge Visa mechanism that allows the capital required for UK Tier 1 (Investment) immigration Visa to be secured by property.


The investment pays a return of 5% 每年这是按月支付,资本是在学期末退还给投资人.


抵押贷款的金额不得超过 80% of the Current Market Valuation as determined by an official RICS valuation. www.rics.org/uk

Typically the properties are renovated directly upon completion to increase the desirability and demand for rental of the property. The capital allocated for the renovation is 100% protected through the Home Improvement Guarantee. www.homeimprovementsguarantee.co.uk This process typically increases the value and hence the equity in the property.

the process

The process commences with a FREE UK Immigration assessment, the investor completes the UK Tier 1 (Investor) visa pre-qualification form.

The form is reviewed by the immigration solicitor and if justified there is a conference call conversation scheduled to discuss the most appropriate type of visa to suit the applicant’s particular requirements. There is no charge for this service. If the Investor decides to proceed, the Investor shall provide further documentation to assist in the application process. It should be noted that there is no requirement for the investor to live in the UK in order to participate.

The investment requirement for a family of four is £2,000,000. There are a range of other options that can be discussed during the process.

The UK Tier 1 (Investor) visa is available to Investor/s from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland.

  1. Should the investor decide to proceed, the Investor is provided with an investment contract. This contract will provide a list of properties that are intended to be acquired and used as security against the funds. Offers are made to Investors in order of application approval and are valid for a period of three days, 之后,他们应当向其他投资者在申请审批顺序.


  2. The Investor agreement is provided to the investor which clearly details the terms and conditions and the responsibilities of all parties in the process. After the investor has advised their intention to proceed, the investor is allocated a further period of time to seek independent legal advice and to conduct due diligence prior to executing and returning it to the immigration solicitor.


  3. Upon receiving the executed agreement which shall be duly counter signed and returned to the Investor, 投资者短期内应投资基金此后转移到律师的托管客户账户.


  4. It is suggested that the Investor instructs the Solicitor to incorporate a UK Company on behalf of the Investor of which would open company bank accounts to conduct the transactions and receive the payments.

A straight forward process to realise an outstanding UK Tier 1 compliant investment that is fully managed and secured by first charge on real estate in London.


伦敦中部投资促进和管理着6年的期限的整个期间的投资,直到投入的资金已退回给投资者. Central London Capital also provides the legal representation for the immigration for the entire six year period. Central London Capital sources the properties to be mortgaged and manages the maintenance, 物业管理的属性和租赁已抵押规定,.

The one time Fee is 1% 该投资额.
Note: There are no performance charges on the income stream of which such charges are common in the industry.

* Whilst your investment is secured against property, we are obliged to state that your capital is at risk.